Ellidore has offices in London & Dubai enabling us to take care of clients all over the world.

Ellidore Lifestyle is a global company with local roots. We know our clients inside out and we work for you to make your life fun and hassle free and to enable you to live life to the fullest. Our aim is to provide a service covering all time zones and regions so wherever you are in the world one of our team will be on hand to help.




Our London & Dubai offices are the heartbeat of our operation, along with representatives around the world, we have a cracking team of account managers in both countries on hand to help out with every request that comes in. We like to be able to think there isn’t anything that we can’t sort for you or at the very least offer a great alternative. Our account managers are on hand to take are of all manner of requests and will only be too happy to speak over the phone, receive a whatsapp or email or better still come and meet you in person!



Dubai is one of the world’s foremost cities and is filled with the wealthy elite from east and west. We have a particular focus here in helping our clients when they lave Dubai and visit other countries, most notably during the summer months. Our expertise in Europe and beyond sets us up perfectly to aid with anything our clients might want to do.



London has long been a favourite destination for both leisure and business orientate people. It is most certainly still one of the most diverse and popular cities in the world. From our base here we are able to help clients at the drop of hat both in the UK, Europe and the US..


Ellidore Wellness - Detox I


If a short but sweet detox is what you are after, Ellidore has the ultimate weekend pick me up. Detox, work out, meditate and pamper yourself to guarantee you feel refreshed and recovered for the week ahead.



Ellidore Wellness - Retreat I Escape the stresses of the city as Ellidore invites you to take a trip to the most exclusive secret retreats. A carefully selected group of trusted professionals will be on hand to guide you all the way on a journey of health, relaxation and wellbeing.



200357550-001 From the day the big question is popped, Ellidore will be by your side every step of the way to bring you a flawless run up to your big day. Ellidore will ensure you look and feel your very best with the help from the most renowned in the business.


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