Ralph Lauren in Milan

Ralph Lauren, a classic fashion favourite all across the world, with its renowned shops being global and each one beautiful, of course, Ralph Lauren, also then branched out to the restaurant world, with its Polo bar in New York, still being a hot dining table to get!


Ralph Lauren has now taken things to another level with his opening in Milan of a private members club. Named Palazzo Ralph Lauren, the 12,000 square foot space is built in the historic Milan headquarters in the building Casa Campanini, making it an even more exclusive location!




This members club will be an entire luxury experience, with an in-house chef and beautiful outdoor terrace providing a back drop to the club’s shops which will offer exclusive house apparel, and accessories for men and women as well as in house bespoke tailoring services and many other bespoke services.






The space will also host private events throughout the year, with new collections and demonstrations being displayed as well as private appointments for members.




This truly is the perfect combination of fashion, luxury and lifestyle and certainly the hottest membership card to own this year!


Ralph Lauren opens private luxury club in Milan0052


Rumour has it, Ralph Lauren will be opening more members clubs in fashion cities around the world – we can’t wait, and are hoping one comes to London in the near future!


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