Global Airport Concierge

Ellidore are thrilled to have partnered with Global airport concierge. With concierge services available at over 450 airport internationally this service allows air travel to be relaxing as well as enjoyable – eliminating the stress and hassle usually associated with travel. Ellidore got the exciting opportunity to have a chat with Hannah Morb to tell us more about what the service offers.




We are really pleased to have partnered with Global Airport Concierge, and know our clients will appreciate and love the service you offer. Can you give us a brief rundown of how you started and what gave you the idea for this concierge service?


Thank you, I am please we have found a partner in Ellidore! With the number of people travelling for both work and pleasure increasing every year, the demand for a bespoke travel experience and excellent customer service at the airport is growing. One in ten people, find travelling and the airport more stressful than moving house – we want to eliminate that stress and provide a seamless hassle-free travel experience to our clients. 


Can you use the service regardless of what class you fly?


Yes for our airport concierge ‘meet and assist’ you can use this service regardless of the airline and class of travel you are flying. We currently offer this service in over 450 airports globally. When passengers use our VIP meet and assist service they will be assisted with all aspects of their airport experience from the moment they arrive at the airport an airport agent who is a terminal expert will be on hand to help them and expedite all airport formalities.


The ‘By Invitation’ service is going to be very popular for our clients – how does this service better that already run by first class lounges?


Airport ‘by Invitation’ is the closest thing to experiencing the luxury and intimacy of private jet travel, but on a commercial airline. We currently offer this service at a selection of the world’s busiest airports. By using this service your clients will be able to unwind in a private lounge, situated in a private terminal, where all airport formalities are carried out. They will enjoy a unique private tarmac transfer to/from the aircraft in a luxury vehicle. This is the ultimate service where privacy and discretion is a must.


Do you have to be a member to use Global Airport Concierge?


No we do not offer membership. We provide a pay as you go service, ensuring value for money for all of our clients.



In your opinion which airport is the best around the world, covering shopping, speed of access, facilities etc?


We feel that Dubai has to be one of the best in the world. We have found that the service and customer service that our clients experience there is exceptional, plus they cater for a very wide range of passenger requirements. 


Best Lounge?


Lounges are becoming ever increasingly popular regardless of the age of the passenger, with new affordable innovative concepts being regularly introduced from yoga rooms and technology lounges to even a 24 hour club. We believe the ‘best’ lounge is dependent on your own individual needs that are unique to you.




Your favourite airline?


Global Airport Concierge works with lots of airlines so we are not biased to any airline! However we recently had an exceptional experience working with United Airlines and Emirates.


And finally, how do you see your clients using a concierge service like ours?


Ellidore is the perfect extension to what Global Airport Concierge offers. We believe both respective companies have the same ethos about exceptional service, standard and delivery. As a result of our partnership we are creating a truly one stop solution to help our clients. 


Thank you so much to Hannah for telling us more about the incredible service that Global Concierge offers.




To find out more about how you can make your journey a VIP experience, please contact your Ellidore Account Manager.


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